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Friday, February 10th, 2006
2:03 pm - I don't get it
I'll keep this short.

Johnny Damon took out a page in the Globe the other day.
A full page.
Superimposed over a picture of himself in a Red Sox uniform was
"Many thanks to the fans of New England and the city of Boston. It was an honor and a privilege"
Um, Johnny?
Okay. Yes, nice gesture. At the same time... why now? Why now, just a week before you report to spring training with your new team? Why now, not back on December 21st when you bolted to the Bronx and broke millions of hearts in RSN? Why not then? At least then it would have made sense. Then it would have looked like it was from the heart. This just smells of a PR move, or trying to ensure a standing ovation on May 1st when you return to Fenway with an interlocking NY on your hat. It smells of greed and self-centeredness. Which is exactly what you are, Johnny Damon. A greedy, self-centered idiot.

To quote Eric Wilbur (Boston Globe), "How can we miss him if he won't go away?"

(swing for the fences!)

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
11:00 pm
It has arrived...
The counter on redsox.com

First to pitchers and catchers, then full squad, then first ST game, then opening day
One thing at a time, but boy it makes my heart warm to know that baseball is coming back. I'm still trying to grasp the notion that there is a Super Bowl on Sunday, and the Patriots aren't playing. Hm.

Oh and, I really need to change my lj name because Johnny Damon is pissing me off to no end. Ever since he became a Yankee (okay no, before then too) he cannot seem to SHUT UP. Today in the NY Times is an article with him and (blech) Michael Kay. Johnny is doing a promotion on the YES network (Yankees channel) and says "Only on YES. Not on NESN" (lame) and then goes on to say that the Yankees would be a "perfect fit for Manny, as well as David Ortiz." Um, right. Okay. Because Theo And The Trio are going to let them both walk to the Bronx right? Of course. I guess Johnny Damon really is an idiot.

K, anyway. Yeah Theo is back, that is if he ever really left. I forget the last time I updated so here's our offseason in a nutshell:
-Trade: RHP Josh Beckett, 3B Mike Lowell, RHP Guillermo Mota for Hanley Ramirez, Anibal Sanchez, other prospects I don't remember
-Trade: 2B Mark Loretta for (*sniff*) C Doug Mirabelli
-Trade: 3B Andy Marte for SS Edgar Renteria
-FA: 1B JT Snow
-FA: RHP Julian Tavarez
-FA: RHP Rudy Seanez
-FA: OF Dustan Mohr
-Trade: CF Coco Crisp, RHP David Riske, C Josh Bard for RHP Guillermo Mota, 3B Andy Marte, C Kelly Shoppach, cash, PTBNL
-FA: SS Alex Gonzalezo

So yeah, busy offseason. I was going to analyze but my computer is crapping out on me. To Be Continued...

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(swing for the fences!)

Tuesday, December 27th, 2005
11:26 pm
Okay. A rant. About something different this time. I don't feel like talking about how I hate our front office and that the GM-by-committee are not GMs at all but puppets. No. Because I forgot it is DECEMBER and the team has four months to get it right. Sounds like we're close to getting JT Snow who is a LHH and could platoon nicely with Youk.


Ahem. Sorry. Anyway. I must rant about something that I haaaaaate so much.
I'm almost hoping we trade Arroyo so that the fangirls get weeded out. Johnny's gone and he's OMG SO HOTT11!1! so most of them are about to become Yankee fans. If we trade Arroyo to Seattle for Jeremy Reed (never ever happen, but hey...) then our Resident Media Whores are officially gone and HEY! We can actually focus on BASEBALL again! What a concept!

I've also heard the following from supposed "fans" this offseason:
"WTF I don't recognize any of these players maybe it's time to be a full-time LA fan instead"

If you are *SO* devoted to Billy/Arroyo/Johnny/whomever that you *only* follow the team that that player is on, guess what? You're not a Baseball Fan, much as you claim to be one. You're not even a Red Sox Fan. You're a Billy/Johnny/Arroyo/etc. Fan. You're a Fan of the back of the jersey instead of the front.

Baseball is a business. Players get traded. Players leave as free agents. They understand this. Yes, it sucks when your favorite player gets traded/leaves as a FA. But guess what: Life Goes On. The Red Sox will be a competitive team next year, despite losing *your favorite player*. And if you want to abandon your team because there are new players on it, or because your player gets traded, maybe sports isn't the right thing for you to be obsessed with. Seek Immediate Help, Please.

Okay, got that out of my system. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and is having a Happy Hanukkah (I still cannot spell that word...)

Rant about the offseason upcoming. Doesn't sound like I'm going to Ft. Myers this spring. Phooey. Damn WBC ruined ST. Gr.


(swing for the fences!)

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005
10:37 am
Okay, I know I said I wouldn't be heard from until ST...
but this demands a post.

Johnny defects to pinstripes. I wouldn't have gone to $13M/year either so I don't blame them for that. I would not give the greedy asshole a dime more than they gave Tek. I can't wait to watch Johnny in Yankee Stadium CF. Think he knows it's like...huge? And that he throws worse than my grandmother? People will be tagging up on him ALL over the place. And he just threw away rockstar status in Boston. Guess you really are an idiot, Johnny.

Um, okay. You let Myers walk because "we can only afford one one-hitter pitcher and that's Bradford". Um. So. WHY DIDN'T YOU TENDER HIM A CONTRACT?! What the FUCK?

We trade Mirabelli to SD for Mark Loretta (a deal I still hate, by the way...) two weeks later, GRAFFY ACCEPTS ARB. Now we have TWO second basemen and NO backup catcher. WHAT THE FUCK.

Yeah there are more but I have to go out right now. To Be Continued.

(1 homerun //swing for the fences!)

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
4:08 pm - Look Mom, I'm updating!
Haha. Hello again. Remember me? No? Oh well. I'm posting anyway, dammit!
By now the season is over, having been swept out of the ALDS by the eventual-World-Champion Chicago White Sox. Therefore the offseason has begun! Ooh, Hot Stove news! :D

Theo goes byebye. Yeah okay old news. The search for his successor remains ongoing, with candidates being Jim Bowden / Jim Beattie / Dave Wilder / someone from the inside. I actually hope that someone already with the organization gets it. Someone like Jed Hoyer deserves it...

So, we have no GM. Doesn't change the fact that the Winter Meetings are approaching very quickly (Dec. 5th) and that we have millions of FA's (Free Agents) waiting in the wings. Here's my take on the whole situation...

Timlin: already re-signed, 1yr/$3.5Mil. I can live with that, long as he does something about that Inherited Runner problem...
Damon: I'm not quite as obsessed with Johnny D as I was when I first made this journal, and considering his asking price is redonkulus (7yrs/$85Mil, or in that ballpark) I'm thinking that maybe it might be time for the Red Sox to look in another direction. The guy can't throw, didn't hit for power last year, and had his lowest SB and BB amounts since 1997. Sorry Johnny, but no. Prediction: Yankees, 5yrs/$50Mil.
Graffy: I love the Nino but I think it might be time for The Kid (as in, Pedroia) to get a chance at 2B. Or maybe the-as-yet-unnamed-GM signs Graffy for cheap, and keeps Pedroia as a backup. That I could live with too. I just think Graff will have too steep of a price tag to look enticing to the Sox. Fare thee well, Tony. Prediction: I don't know, You tell me
Millar: Mr. Cowboy Up is about to Cowboy his way out of town. He's inconsistent at the plate and doesn't play a stellar 1B (though he's about average, I'd say), and we have Youks waiting in the wings to take over. Thanks for the memories Kev, and thanks for keeping the clubhouse happy. Prediction: Mets, 2yrs/$4Mil.
Billy: Oh, Billy, Billy, Billy. One of my favorite players ever, who got cheated out of a GG last season. I'll miss you patrolling the line at Fenway, but I think you know the Sox have moved on, considering you sound all set to sign with the White Sox. You're a White Sox-type dude, you'll fit in well over there. From one defending champ to another. God speed, Bill. Prediction: White Sox, 3yrs/$10Mil.
Olerud: Olderdude! I wouldn't mind signing him to a one-or-two year deal for short money. He could platoon with Youks, since he can't play every day anyway. Somehow I don't think that's the way the Sox see things though. So long, Olderdude, or as McCarver liked to call you, "the mime in a rock band." Prediction: I don't know yet.
Myers: I WANT MYERS BACK. K, I said it. Sign him to a two or three year deal, only pitch him against lefthanded batters, and he's very effective. I think the Sox will try to retain him, but it depends on the price tag. But still... Prediction: Red Sox, 2yrs/$2Mil.

-Potential blockbuster deal with Florida to nab Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell, for Hanley Ramirez, Anibal Sanchez, and a player to be named later (Jesus Delgado?) I love love LOVE this trade. Hanley's train to Fenway is blocked since we have Rent-a-wreck for the next three years, plus I think he is vastly overrated. Sanchez isn't that great either, and Delgado I've never even heard of. Now Beckett on the other hand was the 2003 WS MVP for Florida after pitching a complete game, 5-hit shutout of the Yankees in clinching Game 6 of WS, in Yankee Stadium. Mike Lowell won a GG at 3B last year, and although he had an off-year offensively (.239, if I'm not mistaken), he's a right-handed pull hitter who should find the Monster very welcoming. The deal appears to be done, pending physicals.
-Manny wants out. Again. Oh, he MEANS it this time! Pffttt. I'll believe this when I see it. There is no way to justify trading a player like Manny Ramirez. I don't care if he throws a tantrum (which he just may do, I wouldn't put it past him), I would not trade Manny. Consistent seasons of .300, 40 HR, 150 RBI is not something you just throw away.
-Fat Yankee David Wells wants to go to SD. K, bye. Rumors of a trade to send him to the Pads that involve us getting Speedy Dave Roberts back!!!! I think I would die with squeeeejoy! He's also a leadoff hitter and a CF, so...

That's all I've heard so far. At present our 25-man roster figures to be...

(Some help here, please...)

CF- Roberts
SS- Renteria
LF- Manny
DH- Papi
C- Tek
RF- Trot
1B- Youks
3B- Lowell
2B- Pedroia

K this is really long. Time to post before my computer crashes. Again.
Happy turkey day!

(3 homeruns //swing for the fences!)

Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
10:17 pm - Commentary, 9th-10th inning 8.16.05
Note to Terry "I have no fucking idea how to manage" Francona:

Jeremi Gonzalez is your LONG MAN. When he gives you 2 perfect innings, you do not take him out. I know you love Timlin and all but you should not let your personal relationships with the players affect the game. No, I do not know that Gonzo would not have given up a run either, but the odds say no. Oh and another thing... hit-and-run with Ortiz batting against a lefty?! Are you KIDDING?! You do know that Manny "king of the RBI" Ramirez was on deck, right? Sometimes I just wonder about your methods, Tito...

Um. My beef just kinda died. Papi lost one and now it's tied at 3. I guess I should question Alan Trammel for taking out Nate Robertson after throwing less than 90 pitches over 8 nearly-perfect innings against us. Thanks, Tram! Hah.

Okay, let's try to get the lead and hold it, boys...

Okay. Or not. I guess it's going to be another walkoff win for the Tigers? If Francona brings in Schilling...

Oh. It's Chadford. I guess I can deal with that.

One out. Come on, Chad. Two more please.

The way Don Orsillo just said "Omar" sounded like "Nomar" and I did a double-take. Did Nomar get traded again?! ... I know, I'm a moron.

Hey, any chance the D-Rays can at least give the Yanks a fight tonight? No? Sigh.
Oh. 3-2 bottom 9. Enter Sandman. That game's over...

Two down, nice play Rent.

(Gasp! I just checked GameDay and it is now Yanks 3 TB 3 after Eduardo Perez hit a homerun. Rivera failed... I am giddy.)

1-2 come on Chad. Wilson is a backup catcher...
2-2... do you enjoy torturing me?!
3-2. A strike would be nice...
STRIKE THREE CALLED. Good job, Chadford, clearly I have not given you the credit you deserve.

Okay. Top of the tenth... let's get something going here. Please?

Graff! Nice hit, Tony. Come on Youks! ... Nice hit, Youks! First and third with one out.. And my dad changes the channel. Sigh.

Whoa whoa whoa, who is Billy pinch-hitting for? Gabe? Totally missed that one.

BILLY! Haha, what a smash! Whatever, it'll do. 4-3 Sox. Let's hold them there, pleas

5-3! Was that a hit or an error? Eh, who cares, Youks scores for some insurance. Pile it on...

8-3! Holy shit, Papi, you are not human. 2 homeruns in 2 innings? Wow. (How did Rent get on? Missed that one... Was watching the Yankees/D-Rays. They're in the eleventh, still tied.)

10-3. Tek's second blast of the night! "You know... maybe putting that C on his jersey was a good idea." -My dad. Ha.

Millar pops up. Actually I feel quite comfortable giving Schilling this lead... Onto the bottom of the tenth.

Oh. Chadford for another inning. That works too.
Um. Remlinger? Well... we have a 7 run lead. Maybe it'll help him...
Hey wow! A strikeout. And a flyout. One more before I can like you, Remlinger.
(Old friend Embree gave up a double to Carl Crawford... nice.)
One grand slam later... it's now a 10-7 lead. And it ends that way. Thank you, Adam Stern.

Okay. D-Rays have the bases loaded. AND PROCTOR WALKS HOME THE WINNING RUN.


the end.

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(swing for the fences!)

Saturday, July 9th, 2005
11:31 pm - um...oops
so i kind of haven't updated for like... a month and a half. oops indeed.

well lets see... series recaps i guess?

we did end up taking the 3rd game @ yankees
split 4 vs BAL
took 2 of 3 vs LAA
lost 2 of 3 @ STL
lost 2 of 3 @ CHC
swept 3 vs CIN
took 2 of 3 vs PIT
swept 3 @ CLE
swept 3 @ PHI
lost 2 of 3 vs TOR
took 2 of 3 @ TEX
lost 2 of 3 @ BAL, 4th game tomorrow

notable news::

ALL STAR SOX- tek, johnny, manny, papi, clement
mantei and foulke on DL; schilling going to bullpen following all star break
jay payton has been DFA'd following a heated argument with tito and brad mills in texas; expected to be traded to oakland for P chad bradford
ramon vasquez traded to cleveland for alex cora
according to multiple sources the yomiuri giants of the japanese league put gabe kapler on waivers, once he clears them (july 15) he's expected to RE SIGN WITH BOSTON YAY!

all star game tuesday
after the break is a 4 game series with the yanks at fenway
thats all

(1st, AL east, +3.0 on BAL, +3.5 on NYY)

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(swing for the fences!)

Saturday, May 28th, 2005
10:58 pm - long time? oops
yeah so the sox have kind of been in a nosedive. but i guess i haven't updated in awhile so heres the lowdown:

series @ DET: sox take 3 of 4
series vs SEA: sox take 2 of 3
series vs OAK: sox sweep 3
series @ SEA: sox lose 2 of 3
series @ OAK: sox lose 2 of 3
series vs ATL: sox take 2 of 3
series @ TOR: sox are swept in 3
series @ NYY: split first 2; game 3 tomorrow night

um yes so today. WHAT A SLUMP BUSTER. 17-1, most the sox have EVER scored vs. yankees, 27 hits (most since june 27, 2003 vs marlins)
pavano started today, he started june 27, 2003 for the marlins too
HAHAHA he sucks
meanwhile clement (who EVERYONE was worried about) is 6-0 with a 3.06 ERA, i think we can stop worrying now

other notables:
renteria was 3-3 with a GRAND SLAM, raising his average to .281
manny was 4-4 raising his average to .243 (still not a manny-like avg but let hope he's finally woken up???)
ortiz was 2-4 with 2 walks
trot smashed a 3 run HR, payton added 2 run blast for good measure
johnny was 4-7, looks like he's ready to get hot again
john olerud was called up from pawtucket and started at first base, he was 3-6
millar was the only position player not put in the game (ouch)
vazquez got 3 ABs, payton and youks got 2 each

lets hope this carries over to tomorrow
oh and the yankees have a 6 game losing streak on fox
just sayin'

toronto and baltimore BOTH lost, which places us 3rd in AL east
1/2 game behind NYY, 4 games behind BAL
we're 26-22

my man arroyo is pitching, but the game is vs BAL so it will be tough
we'll see what happens

coming up:
4 vs BAL (i'll be there for game 1!)
3 vs LAA (the return of orlando cabrera to fenway!!)
3 @ STL (world series rematch)
3 @ CHC (no nomar, but todd walker is back at least!)
that brings us up to mid june
i'll update again after that probably

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Monday, May 2nd, 2005
5:29 pm - Bad week in Sox Nation.
Yeah this week wasn't exactly great for the Sox. They lost 2 of 3 at the Trop, got swept in a rain-shortened two-game series with the O's at Fenway, but then rebounded to take 2 of 3 from the Rangers in Arlington.
In the final game at TB, there was a bench-clearing brawl which ended up in Francona, Nixon and Arroyo ejected, and Dewon Brazelton, Lance Carter, and Lou Piniella ejected for the Rays. All of them got suspensions.
Arroyo- 6 games.
Trot- 2 games.
Francona- 3 games.
Piniella- 3 games.
Carter & Brazelton- 5 games.
I know all the Sox are appealing; not sure about the Rays. Managers can't appeal so Francona served it over the weekend in Texas.

So yeah after that we headed home with a 3-2 roadtrip. The O's promptly took the first two games at Fenway. In the second game we had an 8-3 lead and saw it disappear and turn into an 11-8 loss. Ouch. Third game of the series was rained out. Then after an extremely short homestand we headed to Texas where we quickly lost the first game 7-2. We managed to grab the final two, though. So our record is currently 13-11; we were 12-11 in April.

Also Youkilis was called up from AAA finally. The kid is just too good to be down there. And considering MarKKK Bellhorn is doing next to nothing I don't understand why we don't trade/release/demote him. Stick Billy or Ramon Vazquez at 2B and Youk at 3rd. And (I don't know how long he's sticking around) but we called up Jeremi Gonzalez to start tonight, in place of Boomer Wells, who is on the DL for 4-6 weeks with a sprained foot. Schill is back on the DL too, with an ankle "bruise". Yeah. Anyway. To make room for Youk and Gonzalez on the roster, David McCarty was designated for assignment.

Another reason they demoted McCarty is because yesterday the Sox signed 1B John Olerud to a minor league deal. He's expected to be the new Minky; Millar's defensive/left-handed hitting backup. (You may remember Olerud; he was on the Yankees last year...)

K. Schedule for the next week or so:
Mon 5/2 @ DET, 7:05
Tues 5/3 @ DET, 7:05
Wed 5/4 @ DET, 7:05
Thurs 5/5 @ DET, 1:05
Fri 5/6 vs. SEA, 7:05
Sat 5/7 vs. SEA, 7:05
Sun 5/8 vs. SEA, 2:05
Mon 5/9 vs. OAK, 7:05
Tues 5/10 vs. OAK, 7:05
Wed 5/11 vs. OAK, 1:05

2nd in AL East (behind BAL, 17-7)

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(swing for the fences!)

Saturday, April 23rd, 2005
1:34 am - Um. Oops.
Haha. Guess who forgot to update for like... 3 months? *Raises hand*. Oops. Sorry, if anyone actually reads this. (Liz? Haha.)

So yeah. I went to Ft. Myers for spring training and saw one game (one got rained out). The one I saw was AMAZING. 5 Sox homeruns (Mueller, Vazquez, Hyzdu, Manny, Papi) and we killed the Cardinals yet again. Wondrous. Spring training record was so-so at 13-15. But who looks at spring training stats after March? Nobody. So anyways.

Regular season started April 4th. Schilling was not ready to go, as he had previously said he would be, so Boomer Wells took on Randy Johnson and the Yanks at the Stadium. Yeah, we got killed. Shelled. Shellacked. To the tune of 9-2. Second game of the season was slightly better. We rallied to tie it in the top of the 9th, but Foulke gave up a walf-off to Jeter. Third game got away from the Yanks late. Rivera came on to get the last 3 outs of a sweep and failed to do so. (...Hmmmmm). Ended up winning 7-3 for the first W of the season.

Moved on to Toronto, lost 2 of 3 in Canada. Never a good thing. Shea's a Blue Jay now. He killed us. Ugh. Came home to Fenway with a disappointing 2-4 record.

Sox home opener on April 11th was amazing. D-Lowe, Leskanic, Ellis Burks and Dave Roberts came back for the ring ceremony. All the old Sox walked out to center field and lifted the 2004 World Champions banner on the flag. Yaz and Pesky did the actual raising. Fitting, I thought. Pesky cried. Yeah. Then the Yanks were introduced, Rivera got a standing O at Fenway. Never thought I'd see that happen. Awesome. Then the game began. Wake was masterful and we put the game away early, 8-1. Dropped the second game of the series (Schilling's first start of the year.) Won the last game of the series, so we took 2 of 3. That would put us at 3-3 against the Bronx Bombers. I'll take that for April.

Three game sweep of the D-Rays. Games weren't even close. Not gonna talk about it. Ha.

Patriots Day was Schilling's second start, this time vs. the Blue Jays. 12-7 W for us. =) Lost the second game though. Headed back out on the road with a record of 8-6, after a 6-2 homestand.

Two game sweep of the O's, which was unthinkable considering the way they were swinging the bats. Not only a sweep, but two shutouts, by Wells and Clement. Won the first one 8-0, second 1-0. Amazing.

Lost game 1 of the D-Rays series at the Trop. Embree sucks right now. =(

Okay I think that's all of note. I could talk about the Sheffield incident but I'm sick of hearing about it. You all know what happened. Sheff is an ass. -end-

Oh. I'm sure everyone knows this but if you don't, Nomah is out at least 2-3 months with some groin injury. But apparently it's pretty severe; they're talking about him missing the entire season. Walker is on the DL too, with a strained knee. That means the Sox won't face either of them when they go to Chicago in June. DAMN I was looking forward to that. Oh well.

Coming up:
Sat 4/23 @ TB, 6:05
Sun 4/24 @ TB, 2:05
Mon 4/25 vs. BAL, 7:05
Tues 4/26 vs. BAL, 7:05
Wed 4/27 vs. BAL, 1:05
Thurs 4/28 OFF
Fri 4/29 @ TEX, 8:05
Sat 4/30 @ TEX, 8:05
Sun 5/1 @ TEX, 2:05

I'll try to remember to update more frequently. No promises though.

T-1st AL East w/ BAL

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Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
10:10 am - Bye Minky...
Mientkiewicz to Mets for minor leaguer and cash.

I'm gonna miss his D. It was truly special and fun to watch. But I guess that's all. I'd miss Millar's bat and clubhouse personality. McCarty can be the defensive replacement like he was pre-Minky. I'm fine with that. And hey, it's another insentive to watch Mets games I guess. Good luck Minky. <3

22 days till pitchers& catchers report to Ft. Myers. Getting closer...

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(swing for the fences!)

Tuesday, January 18th, 2005
10:44 pm - best quote.
I'm watching Red Sox Inside Out on NESN and they're talking to Tito. He just had the quote of the day::

"Boston is crazy, man. When we lost to New York in Game 3 I had to take a golf cart over to the media room in Fenway. On the way I got stuff thrown at me, middle fingers, cursing... then 4 days later I could have run for office!"

HAHA. So perfect, it's exactly what Boston is. And it's why I could never leave... I love it.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled life.

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(1 homerun //swing for the fences!)

4:01 pm - We Are The Champions!
So if you go to my actual LJ, not your friends list, you can listen to We Are The Champions will staring at a kick-ass layout I made when I was bored. All props for the song to Jolinda's computer smartness but the layout was all ME (for once). So yes, enjoy. 30 days till pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training! The countdown is on! :oD

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(swing for the fences!)

Saturday, January 8th, 2005
11:40 am - Long time no update.
So yeah I haven't updated this journal in awhile. Not much to report in the offseason really. There have been some changes in personnel since the Sox were last on the field...

Newcomers: SS Edgar Renteria, OF Jay Payton, INF Ramon Vazquez, LHP David Wells, RHP Matt Clement, RHP Matt Mantei, LHP John Halama, RHP Wade Miller

Fond Farewell To: SS Orlando Cabrera (Angels), OF Dave Roberts (Padres), RHP Pedro Martinez (Mets), RHP Derek Lowe (Dodgers?), OF Gabe Kapler (Japan), RHP Curtis Leskanic (???), 1B David McCarty (???), RHP Scott Williamson (???), 2B/SS Pokey Reese (Mariners)

Returning as of Today: C Jason Varitek, C Doug Mirabelli, CF Johnny Damon, RF Trot Nixon, LF Manny Ramirez, 1B Kevin Millar, 1B Doug Mientkiewicz, 2B Mark Bellhorn, 3B Bill Mueller, RHP Tim Wakefield, RHP Bronson Arroyo, DH David Ortiz, RHP Curt Schilling, LHP Alan Embree, RHP Keith Foulke, RHP Mike Timlin, 3B Kevin Youkilis

Either Mink or Millar will be traded by Spring Training says Theo. I personally hope Minky stays. We have another amazing lineup, plus working with Papa Jack in ST is obviously gonna help. His bat will come around, I'm confident about that. Plus he brings defense which if you remember was a BIG problem for us in the first half of last season. Hopefully Theo is thinking like that? It'll be interesting to see what happens.

Oh and on the "Ball Scandal", Dan Shaughnessy YOU SUCK. It's Mink's ball. DEAL WITH IT. Stop harrassing the poor guy. If you caught the ball that broke the "curse" you'd wanna keep it too.

Time for lunch. I'm going to Spring training in March =) so I'll try to update while I'm there. I probably won't remember to before that. Ha.


(2 homeruns //swing for the fences!)

Friday, October 29th, 2004
5:41 pm - THEY DID IT



Curt Schilling, Pedro Martinez, Derek Lowe, Tim Wakefield, Bronson Arroyo, Alan Embree, Mike Timlin, Keith Foulke, Mike Myers, Curtis Leskanic, David "Papi" Ortiz, Jason Varitek, Doug Mirabelli, Doug Mientkiewicz, Kevin Millar, Mark Bellhorn, Pokey Reese, Orlando Cabrera, Billy Mueller, Kevin Youkilis, Manny Ramirez, Johnny Damon, Trot Nixon, Gabe Kapler, Dave Roberts

What makes it even better? The Sox will recieve their World Champions ring on Opening Day at Fenway Park in '05...IN FRONT OF THE NEW YORK YANKEES. What's better than that? Answer: not much. :oD

According to ESPNews, Tek is the first one the Sox want to sign. Pedro's #2, D.Lowe #3. Cabrera is one that they are least worried about because they feel he'll be too expensive. Just thought I'd report that.

Another update later?

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Wednesday, October 27th, 2004
6:00 pm - i need to vent
This isn't an amazed post that we made the biggest come back in all of sports history last week. Nor is it an amazed post that we are up 3-0 with a chance to secure the championship tonight. I'll do all that in a week or so. Just to be sure its real. Maybe I'm dreaming...

This post is to vent. I HATE BANDWAGON FANS. the fairweathers who come out in October and love to cheer them when they win but go into hiding when they lose. Or worse, just don't care at all. I've seen WAY WAY WAY WAY too many of these people lately. And it's going to go overboard if we do the impossible and win tonight.

It makes me laugh that I know more about baseball than most of the guys at my school. Dad raised me right. Haha. Some people were talking today and this guy Kyle was like "What's that 3rd base coach's name?" and Jon was like "Swem or something..." and I corrected him: Sveum (pronounced SWAYME). And it makes me laugh that I can out-argue just about anyone on this subject. I've really crossed the line from fan to fanatic, and I wouldn't have it any other way. <33 :oD

I can't think straight. Time to leave. I'll post again when/if we close this deal...

**my dad just brought up a bottle of champange from the cellar and put it in the fridge... let's not get ahead of ourselves, now...

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(swing for the fences!)

Thursday, October 7th, 2004
10:35 am - 2-0, Back to Boston
That's right kids. The amazing Sox are 2-0 in the ALDS and they quickly shut up the annoying Thunder Stix and Rally Monkey. Anaheim will be facing elimination when Arroyo goes up against Kelvim Escobar tomorrow night. There's no question who's been the best team thus far. We outscored them 17-6. Schilling and Petey were both MASTERFUL in their starts, putting all the "Pedro is losing it" rumors to rest. Anyone who knows Pedro Martinez knows he steps it up a notch in the postseason. He always has. Now tomorrow, Arroyo has to go for the jugular and see if we can sweep away the Halos in three straight. Again. (See August 31-September 2) :oD

That's it. I'm tired of playing it safe, not getting my hopes up, because this team broke my heart last year (and I wasn't even around in '86...so I don't know what that was like). I'm calling it here and now. The Red Sox will win the World Series..

You all know it's true. Even Yankee fans know it's true. We finally have a BALANCED team. We have arguably the best 1-2 punch in the MLB in Schilling and Pedro. EVERYBODY in the lineup contributes. Our leadoff guy, Damon<3, is having a career year with 93 RBI. From the leadoff spot. Yeah. Then of course there's Manny and Papi, who go without saying. We have Dave Roberts, who is capable of stealing bases, whom we didn't have last year. Tek and Millar are back to their 2003 forms. Our bullpen has been lights-out through the first two. And the defense, in particular Cabrera and Millar(!!!), has been outstanding. You do the math.

Oh, and Mientkiewicz is batting .600 (2-3) in the playoffs. Just sayin'.

Study hall's over, and I'm off to Chorale. Take care.

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(swing for the fences!)

Thursday, September 30th, 2004
11:40 pm - w00t
THEEEEEE YANKEES WIN. yep, they clinched their 7th straight division title today. ICK. but the good guys made the wild card, at least. :D

i don't feel like typing much but here is my ALDS roster (i'll do a better update later on)...

1.schilling, 2.pedro, 3.arroyo, 4.wakefield, 5.lowe, 6.foulke, 7.embree, 8.timlin, 9.myers, 10.mendoza, 11.tek, 12.mirabelli, 13.millar, 14.mientkiewicz, 15.bellhorn, 16.reese, 17.cabrera, 18.mueller, 19.nixon, 20.damon, 21.manny, 22.ortiz, 23.kapler, 24.roberts, 25.mccarty.

there it is. dispute me if you wish. i was going b/n youk and mccarty for awhile but mccarty won out because bellhorn could play 3rd should something happen to mueller. yeah.

i need sleep.

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(swing for the fences!)

Friday, September 3rd, 2004
11:57 am - i didn't wanna jinx it
So I haven't posted in almost a month. What a ROLL the Sox have gotten on lately! They went 20-7 in August and so far are 2-0 in September. They just completed a 3 game sweep of the Angels (how they won yesterday's game, I'll never know. They left FOURTEEN men on base. Including the bases loaded twice. But whatever. We won, our wild card lead is now 4.5 games. Also, at the same time that we're sizzling hot the Yankees have gone stone-cold. SO as a result the last time I posted we were 10.5 games back and had conceded the division for the 8th straight year. NOT ANYMORE. Their lead is now trimmed to 3.5 games and the AL east title is within sight. And we still have six games with the Yanks coming up, so we COULD do it.

Lets see in series since I last posted the Sox...
lost 2-3 games to the White Sox (Aug. 13-15)
swept 3 game series with Toronto (Aug. 16-18)
swept 3 game series @ White Sox (Aug. 20-22)
took 2-3 games @ Toronto (Aug. 23-25)
swept 4 game series with Detroit (Aug. 26-29)
swept 3 game series with Anaheim (Aug. 31st-Sept. 2nd)

they've won 9 in a row and haven't lost a series since the White Sox came to town. Tonight we start a 3 game series with Texas (who has fallen out of the wild card race, now trailing us by 6 games). Then it's off to Oakland and Seattle, with 10:05 games on the East Coast Monday-Saturday. That sucks for kids like me who start school on Tuesday. SIGH. Oh well. Until again...


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Friday, August 13th, 2004
12:37 am - Yay Petey!
Wow Pedro surpassed all my expectations today. He pitched a complete game six-hitter shutout of the D-Rays so we coasted to the 6-0 win. Awesome. So we took 3-4 from the Rays. Not bad. Tomorrow the Sox of a Different Color come to town and ironically the pitcher is CONTRERAS. Ha, it'll be interesting to see if he continues to suck against the Sox.

Um... MILLAR?! He must be eating his Wheaties or something, he's all of a sudden on FIRE. wow man. Kapler is doing great when he plays too... and YOUK! Mueller looks fine at 2B, why do we need Bellhorn again? answer: we don't. keep Youk at third and Billy at second and we'll be fine. They're both hitting and they can play defense. Send Bellhorn packing, and tell him to take Dale Sveum with him. HOW many times does a guy have to get gunned down at the plate by Baldelli before he learns?! 3 already have... Millar and Tek today, Roberts last week. Unbelievable. >;o

Because nobody cares... my ideal lineup... not including players on the DL
CF Johnny
3B Youk
LF Manny
DH Tiz
RF Millar
C Tek
1B Mientkiewicz
2B Billy
SS Cabrera

Yay. Time for bed. Let's hope the Sox go on a big win streak... we now have sole posession of the Wild Card since the Angels lost! WOOT!


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